Getting Started - Christadelphians

You can quickly build up your library by installing the Logos Bible Software mentioned in Getting Started and then adding these two Christadelphian resources:

  1. The Christadelphian Magazine 1864-2000 
  2. Christadelphian Works

How do I activate these resources in Logos Bible Software?

  1. Install the CD Magazine or CD Works Volume 2 package onto a PC (which includes the Libronix software if not already installed)
  2. Start Libronix
  3. Tools > Library Management > Location Manager to move the books from the CD to your local drive
  4. Tools > Library Management > Account Summary opens the Account Summary dialog which should include the Serial Number for CD Works Vol 2
  5. Email the Product (Christadelphian Magazine or Christadelphian Works Volume 2) and the serial number to requesting they activate the serial number on your Logos account.
  6. Once they reply, restart Logos and it automatically updates

Getting Started


Finally, the new Bible student should seriously consider computer Bible software, as the ease of electronic searching, integration of study results into word processing software and integration with the Internet cannot be beaten. Logos Bible Software is strongly recommended: all the products mentioned above are sold by Logos.